Details, Details, Details: Why You Need Your Collision Report

June 22, 2015

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If involved in an accident, getting a collision report is a good idea for a couple of reasons.  The most important things are in the details. You may need to hire a Everett auto accident attorney.

Car accidents happen every day, but no two are alike. Serious or minor, details are always different. In Washington, all vehicle accidents involving injury, death or observed property damage of $700 or more require accident reports.

Police reports are important evidence for an insurance or personal injury claim. As first responders to an accident scene, police collect details including the following:

Names and contact information of parties and witnesses
Statement of accident scenario, collision, vehicle position and contributory factors like excessive speed
Statement of likely cause
Determination of fault based on accident-scene investigation
Notation of location, date, time, weather, road conditions and relevant signage

How to get a copy of your report

You can request a copy of your collision report online or in person from the Washington State Patrol Collision Records Section. Cost for each report is currently $9.50. Keep in mind it takes approximately two to four weeks to prepare and process collision reports into the state database.

Information from a collision report is also recorded on the driving record of parties to the accident. That information includes details about the accident such as injury and vehicle status, but does not provide information about cause.

When making an insurance or legal claim, understand your case and make sure you get the details right.

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